How it works

Feature 1

Double cleansing with jojoba oil and carbonic acid

Oil-soluble dirt on scalp will not come off with regular shampoo. If you leave excessive oil-soluble dirt, oil and sweat that are built up, it may clog your hair follicles, which prevents hair growth.

Only oil dissolves oil. Jojoba oil in Reduction Foam removes oil-soluble dirt, clearing the hair follicles. Then, Active Spa Foam removes water-soluble dirt. This double cleansing helps improve your scalp health.

Hair follicles free of oil-soluble dirt​

Clean and healthy hair.

Hair follicles with oil-soluble dirt​

Uneven damaged-looking hair grows.

Feature 2​

Increases moisture content with hydrogen and carbonic acid​

When more hydrogen is produced, more water occurs within the hair, giving more firmness and resilience to the hair. Minecolla applies the technology to combine hydrogen generated on the scalp with carbonic acid to increase hydrogen production.

Because hydrogen is gas, it used to be difficult to store, prior to the discovery of the hydrogen adsorption method application for hair care products.

Feature 3​

Repair hair with heat​

When heating “hydrogen” and “active oxygen” at high temperatures, the molecules of hydrogen (H) and active oxygen (HO)move faster, triggering aggressive collisions to start re-combination of atom binding. As a result, water molecules (H2O) occur, increasing average hair moisture levels to 13.0.

*Source: Souken Co. Ltd

Due to excess heat caused by perms, dyes, hair dryers and styling irons, as well as sun exposure, active oxygen (HO) occurs within the hair, which results in coarse hair, split ends, and hair having less body.

If hydrogen (H2) is added there…

Active oxygen (HO) and hydrogen (H) bind, resulting in water (H2O).Because of that, hair is hydrated from deep inside when using our products.