About Minecolla

Hair quality is not the only thing we want to change.

Minecolla was born as a salon care treatment in 2013.

We succeeded in reviving younger-looking silky hair by utilizing hydrogen to change to water when heated, which boosts hydration in the hair. This innovative method focuses on bringing out your hair’s innate beauty, which is a completely different approach from the conventional concept of standard hair treatments, such as supplementing nutrition from the outside by coating the hair surface.

As a result, I am proud to say Minecolla has helped many customers, especially women, gain confidence by improving the appearance of their hair that has suffered damage, dryness or frizz due to aging.

While many customers are amazed by how shiny and beautiful their hair looks, I might be the one who is amazed the most, seeing the changes first-hand and how hair plays an important role in how they feel about themselves.

I want you to experience “Minecolla Magic,” — where the confidence you get from beautiful hair empowers you with the confidence you deserve.


Founder / President of Minecolla

About Minecolla founder Yasuhiro Nagaoka

  • 1995: Opened his own hair salon
  • 2002: Expanded to 6 salons
  • 2013: Developed Minecolla
  • 2014: Launched Minecolla Powder
  • 2015: Launched Minecolla Perfect 3
  • Currently, more than 300 beauty salons are offering Minecolla treatment (Japan)